All our funds are based on the same fundamental research process and methodology and this forms the core of every decision we make. This is based on an investment process that has been applied consistently throughout our investment careers.


There are common themes and ideas across all of our funds depending on our views on the companies and markets. These ideas are implemeted depending on the specific mandate of the fund in question.



Our Funds


Tantalum Absolute Return Fund

Tantalum Balanced Fund

Tantalum Equity Fund

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Tantalum BCI Balanced Fund


The fund invests in a combination of equities, commodities, listed property, preference shares and fixed income instruments. The maximum net equity exposure of the fund is 75% and may use index derivative contracts to reduce net equity exposure. The fund may invest internationally up to 30%. The fund employs an active asset allocation and securities selection strategy and may use derivatives to reduce net equity exposure when appropriate. The fund may from time to time invest in listed and unlisted financial instruments.


ASISA Unit Trust Category          South African - Multi Asset - High Equity

Portfolio Manager                       Rob Oellermann

Mandate                                        Regulation 28 Compliant

Inception                                       20 January 2020

Benchmark                                   50% FTSE JSE Capped Shareholders Weighted index (J433T), 15% SA                                                              All Bond Index,10% STEFOCAD, 15% MSCI World Index, 5% Barclays                                                              Global Aggregate Bond Index and 5% USD 1 month LIBOR rate

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